Erin Tee

Producer/Project Manager (aka Client Liaison)
erin [at]

Producer extraordinaire, Erin Tee is a Montreal native who moved to Toronto to earn her degree in Film Studies in 1997. She has been with Endless Films as key producer and project manager since its inception in 2000 and has successfully managed and produced over 100 projects. Her work ranges from documentary production, promotional and corporate video to public service announcements and animation. Aside from her considerable talents as a producer, Erin is also a trained editor with a multitude of edited video projects in both official languages under her belt.

Erin’s incredible organizational skills, creativity and dedication, ensure projects are always completed on time and on budget earning her the admiration of our clients and the love of the gang at Endless Films. She’s short. In short, she’s awesome!


Alex Galeote

Writer, Director
alex [at]

Born in Mexico City, Alex immigrated to Canada in 1991. He earned a diploma in Screenwriting and Creative Writing at George Brown College in 1997 before completing his degree in Film Studies at Ryerson University, where he met his two business partners, Erin Tee and Iain Robinson.

Since 2000, Alex has filled the roles of Director and Principal Writer at Endless Films and has written and directed a variety of award-winning projects including short documentaries, promotional and educational videos and animation.

All his years of creative experience have given Alex a unique perspective on how to bring a client’s vision for a video to life. Alex loves two things in life, eating Timbits and making videos. And he’s all out of Timbits.

Iain Robinson

Videographer, Editor, Tech guy
iain [at]

Here at Endless Films, we have come to think of Iain as a kind of Renaissance Man. Iain obtained his honours degree in Film Studies at Ryerson University in 2001. He is an accomplished videographer, and an artist with a computer. He is a total nerd when it comes to emerging media formats, motion graphics, non-linear editing software, digital filmmaking, online video and interactive mobile content. In his 11 years with Endless Films, Iain has filmed and edited over 100 video projects including documentaries, music videos, commercials, industrial videos and animation.

He has filmed videos in crazy environments, from the top of mountains to the bottom of oceans and his keen eye as a videographer has earned him recognition from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, Technicolour Canada and William F. White.

Iain is passionate about his work and always brings contagious excitement to a project, no matter the size. Plus, he wears glasses!